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Who uses MindWave?

One of NeuroSky’s product called MindWave, a headset that uses electrodes on your forehead to literally interpret brainwave electricity to know what you’re thinking. Immediate possible applications include choose-your-own-ending movies, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Hey, maybe Keats doesn’t have to die at the end of Bright Star! Beyond entertainment, it offers the possibility that instead of looking for the next cool device to supplant Apple, in the future we won’t have devices at all.


Steve Jobs believed his whole life that he was on a journey, a journey for enlightenment. And he said you’re never going to achieve all the answers, or perfect enlightenment, but that the journey is the reward. Just being the seeker, somebody whose open to spiritual enlightenment, is in itself the important thing and it’s the reward for being a seeker in this world.

Steve was not conventionally religious because he was very unsure. He said, “I’ll never know the answer. It’s the great mystery.” But he at least knew it was a great mystery instead of dismissing the whole notion of a quest.


After attending training courses over the past 25 years, at last one has been created that is both inspirational and effective!
It enables behavioural change for the attendees, resulting in tangible benefits in the workplace that actually deliver immediate change. The people are empowered to take responsibility for change within themselves, leading to accountability for their actions in the workplace, and are provided with the tools to deliver long term business benefits.


Siri is so 2011. There’s a new way to control your computer or mobile device that doesn’t involve fingers, gestures or even your voice. For $129, NeuroSky’s Mindwave Mobile reads your brain waves and uses this information to control an entire suite of applications. This mind-powered headset can perform numerous tasks when connected to compatible applications, from keeping a meditation journal built on brain waves to playing a movie.



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Harvest Education Co., LTD.

Harvest Education Co., Ltd. is an education branch company of Alchemy Tech. We apply BCI technology to provide attention and calming cognitive training. We try to nurture children and adults to learn how to be more effective to reach focus, relax, thus achieving emotional control.

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NeuroSky is breaking the boundaries of body and mind monitoring and analysis for consumer-facing, wearable technology products. These solutions capture, quantify and reveal unique health and wellness insights and give millions of people the ability to monitor and improve the performance body and mind.



Alchemy Technology Co., LTD.

Alchemy Technology Co., Ltd. devote in Brain-Computing -Interface research and development applied to games, entertainment, psychological evaluation, and other applications.

Focus Pocus - A game with benefit

Focus Pocus - A game with benefit

The MindWave Mobile Focus Pocus edition is the first professional EEG headset for home and mobile use. With NeuroSky’s low-cost MindWave Mobile headset and our neurofeedback training software, you are able to build up your ability to concentrate, focus and relax. The headset’s sensor measures the brain’s electrical activity and transfers the data readout via Bluetooth to a computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop.